Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 2011 Update

We are getting excited about starting school this year!  We are doing unit studies instead of a boxed curriculum and we also moved our school room from the basement to the main level...out of the dungeon and now have a huge window in our school room! 

We are taking a vacaiton to visit family in MI before we start and the kids can't wait, me either! 

Treyton is at juniors camp at Camp Twin Lakes with Camp Sunshine for 6 days!  I miss him but the leaders are posting pictures and he is having a TON of fun!  The GA bulldogs came and played football with the kids, they have a huge pool with waterslide, horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, carnival, crafts, gym, karate, cooking, gold panning, archery, bikes...these are just a few of the things I saw in the pictures!  Its the same camp and leaders that were there for family camp so I know he is in good hands! Tyler gets to go for sibling camp in August and he is super excited!

-still loves to read and reads often in his free time
-is 'completely bored' if he can't play his DS
-uses the word 'apparently' way more than I can handle
-is acting like a teen more an more every day
-is too cool to hang out with mom anymore
-desperately wants some boys to 'hang' with, I really need to find him some good friends!
-very independant
-is loving football and can't wait for the real season to start, he wants to be number 30 (Tyler is 40 and Trace wants to be 50...I think its cute)
-loves hanging out with Dad
-loves candy

-heart of gold, is always thinking of others and would give you the shirt off his back
-speaks in accents all the time ("Excuse me? Do you have any Grey Poupon?")
-loves to ride his bike
-mommas boy
-swims like a fish and wants to be in the water all day every day
-likes to crochet (quit laughing!)
-loves salad
-has a wild imgination, he is always pretending something!

-obsessed with catching bugs
-just learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  He asked me "Mom, can I take my own training wheels off my bike? I know how...lefty loosey"
-likes to read, especially if he can show off to someone
-is a homebody
-mommas boy
-math whiz
-likes to watch surgery videos on youtube.  I call him "Gooney Howser"  he doesn't get it. (His nickname is Gooney)
-loves to sing
-learned to swim without floaties
-loves cottage cheese

-counts to 5
-knows colors red, yellow, blue, pink, purple, green, orange, white, black
-likes to sing in the car
-loves candy
-shy in front of other people
-knows number concepts to 5
-loves her babies
-loves football
-can peddle her tricycle
-dresses herself
-daytime potty trained
-knows triangles, squares, circles
-can draw circles, verticle and horizontal lines on command
-recognizes about 8 letters
-likes her finger/toenails painted
-fights bedtime (none of my kids have ever fought bedtime!)
-loves the ipod touch, she knows how to play games, read stories, SEARCH YOUTUBE!?  She like vidoes of kid songs, animals and babies.
-if she doesnt know the answer to something she answers "Minnie Mouse"

Happy 4th of July!

pre-celebration climbing

Tinkerbell isn't very festive but I was picking my battles, at least she had a red, white and blue bow!

I scream, you scream...

for homemade ice cream!

I dont think they liked it? (sense the sarcasm?)


If interested in making it at home...
1/2 cup milk
1 Tbsp sugar
flavor of choice
mix into a plastic ziplock sandwich bag
in a gallon ziplock fill half full of ice, tsp salt, sealed sandwich bag from above and seal closed
being sure to hold the seal closed, shake shake shake...shake your booty (you have to sing the song or it wont work)
keep singing and shaking until the milk mixture turns into ice cream

tooth number 2!


The boys started their football clinics this summer, the coaches volunteer their time every Wednesday through the summer to coach free football clinics before the actually season starts.  The boys love these and Treyton and Trace are super excited that they are able to play this year!  Last year Trace was too young and Treyton still had his CVL in his chest.  Tyler's coach last year was so great and offered Treyton a spot on his team as honorary captain, he also organized a benefit for the cancer wing of our children's hospital.

This is what he wore all day every day for 2 weeks straight!  (you can see another one dressed in his gear in the background also)

even the princess...I'm thinking she is going to be like 'Ice-box' on Little Giants, she loves football!
this is her flexing for her football stance

Tellus Museum

This post is the one responsible for the lack of posts, I have been dreading sorting through pictures and uploading them ONE AT A TIME!!! Can't blogger figure out a better way I can upload multiple pics? Or maybe there is and I am just too amateur?

This was a Camp Sunshine trip, they have done SOOOO much for us and we have been able to do so much cool stuff thanks to them!

Snail Obsession

My kids all have a weird obsession with snails, they look for them outside, they build them, they drawn them, they create stories about them...

it starts early

Trace's fossil