Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 2011 Update

We are getting excited about starting school this year!  We are doing unit studies instead of a boxed curriculum and we also moved our school room from the basement to the main level...out of the dungeon and now have a huge window in our school room! 

We are taking a vacaiton to visit family in MI before we start and the kids can't wait, me either! 

Treyton is at juniors camp at Camp Twin Lakes with Camp Sunshine for 6 days!  I miss him but the leaders are posting pictures and he is having a TON of fun!  The GA bulldogs came and played football with the kids, they have a huge pool with waterslide, horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, carnival, crafts, gym, karate, cooking, gold panning, archery, bikes...these are just a few of the things I saw in the pictures!  Its the same camp and leaders that were there for family camp so I know he is in good hands! Tyler gets to go for sibling camp in August and he is super excited!

-still loves to read and reads often in his free time
-is 'completely bored' if he can't play his DS
-uses the word 'apparently' way more than I can handle
-is acting like a teen more an more every day
-is too cool to hang out with mom anymore
-desperately wants some boys to 'hang' with, I really need to find him some good friends!
-very independant
-is loving football and can't wait for the real season to start, he wants to be number 30 (Tyler is 40 and Trace wants to be 50...I think its cute)
-loves hanging out with Dad
-loves candy

-heart of gold, is always thinking of others and would give you the shirt off his back
-speaks in accents all the time ("Excuse me? Do you have any Grey Poupon?")
-loves to ride his bike
-mommas boy
-swims like a fish and wants to be in the water all day every day
-likes to crochet (quit laughing!)
-loves salad
-has a wild imgination, he is always pretending something!

-obsessed with catching bugs
-just learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  He asked me "Mom, can I take my own training wheels off my bike? I know how...lefty loosey"
-likes to read, especially if he can show off to someone
-is a homebody
-mommas boy
-math whiz
-likes to watch surgery videos on youtube.  I call him "Gooney Howser"  he doesn't get it. (His nickname is Gooney)
-loves to sing
-learned to swim without floaties
-loves cottage cheese

-counts to 5
-knows colors red, yellow, blue, pink, purple, green, orange, white, black
-likes to sing in the car
-loves candy
-shy in front of other people
-knows number concepts to 5
-loves her babies
-loves football
-can peddle her tricycle
-dresses herself
-daytime potty trained
-knows triangles, squares, circles
-can draw circles, verticle and horizontal lines on command
-recognizes about 8 letters
-likes her finger/toenails painted
-fights bedtime (none of my kids have ever fought bedtime!)
-loves the ipod touch, she knows how to play games, read stories, SEARCH YOUTUBE!?  She like vidoes of kid songs, animals and babies.
-if she doesnt know the answer to something she answers "Minnie Mouse"

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