Monday, April 25, 2011

Lego club

We went to our first Lego club meeting today, they bring 100 legos and are able to switch bags with another member if they want.  There is a theme that one of the kids chooses and this time it was robots.  All of my boys made some pretty awesome robots!  After everyone is finished, they hold a show and tell.  It was super fun! Trace was a little shy and wouldn't talk about his.  He warmed up once we had a picnic lunch outside and all kids ran crazy having a ball with each other.  Mylee didn't play with her 2 year old friend at all, but ran along with all the boys...typical!  I had my camera and totally forgot to take pictures!

Happy Easter!

They made boats out of their eggs.

They used an olive half for the sail.

Adding a switch

We added a switch to our circuits that we made earlier in the week...


Bird feeders

First you take the peanut butter and you spread it.

Then you take the cereal and you roll it (we didnt have bird seed and it said online that bird like cereal too).

Then you take the cereal and you eat it.

Then you add the string...

and you hang it!

Tasty Tuesday

Someone likes chocolate frosting!

Slave labor

um...I mean they are practicing their small motor skills by cutting coupons.

Mischievous Monday!


My aunt gave us her old sewing machine and so we found some old fabric and tried it out.  The boys were so facinated by it.  They can't wait to make something else!

They made treasure pouches.

Tyler decided to decorate his.

So creative, no more glasses!

The back

Circuit mazes

My boys really enjoy the circuit lessons so we are dragging it out longer to have more fun with the batteries and light bulbs.  We decided to make foil mazes and see where we can create a full circuit and light the bulb.

It works!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Chore system

They each have a chore hook with morning chores (green), afternoon chores (yellow), and evening chores (red), when they are finished with each chore they flip the card over on the bottom hook.  When they do them with out being told, they get stickers on their MAN charts (that you see hanging around the chore cards). You can see the MAN contest here
I don't pay or reward the kids for doing chores, their reward is they have a place to live, sleep, eat and clothes to wear, and if they are lucky...a few toys...ok they have TONS of toys, there is no fooling anyone is there?  Since doing chores is being obedient they do get stickers towards being the MAN if they do their chores with out whining.

Tot Spot

Trace glued 'P' pictures to a pig

Just because she's too cute

Mylee has been practicing her tracing shapes

She also dumps out all the games learns her shapes and colors with Leap Frog BINGO

Beach day

Where's my hand? 

Lego semi

Lego semi and a lego jet ski sneaking in too

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chess/Checkers club turned park day

I totally forgot my camera...bad blogger.

We ended school a little early to drop by our very first checkers club meeting.  Trace LOVES checkers, his whole day is in shambles if he doesn't get a game in before bed.  When we joined our new homeschool group I was ecstatic when I saw they had this club!

We got there and waited...and waited...and checked the other pavilions around the park...nothing...went back to where the email said "see you there" and waited some more...

We gave up after almost an hour and went home.

But not after playing of course! 

It is a huge park with lots of kids so I was trying to keep an eye on everyone, but especially Mylee.  I was scanning the playground for her when I heard some loud cheering and clapping.  I look over and I see a group of kids huddled around the swing set screaming Tyler's name and "look at that little kid go!"  He was having a 'how high can we get this swing to swing' competition with a kid almost twice his age....He was almost twice as high as him too!  It was a proud mommy moment. Well, until he got off and said "man, my butt hurts! Feels like I just got a whoopin'!"  

Tyler was the comedian today too, he was telling the older kids about his brother too... "My brother's name is Treyton, he is the kid wearing blue shorts and a black shirt...Oh! he has peach skin too"  Then he was introducing himself to them and said "my mom says I have freakishly huge muscles for a kid my age"  HAHA! Well, he does!

Mylee was unusually brave today too, she doesn't normally brave the slides or the wobbly bridge but today she repeatedly climbed the rope ladder, crossed the wobbly bridge and flew down the tallest slide on the big kid side of the playground.  Another proud Mommy moment of course!

Doesn't seem like a real post with out a picture :/

Friday, April 8, 2011


I wasn't sure if this was very age appropriate but they all got it and loved it!

We noticed that one battery didn't light the bulb as bright as 3 batteries.  We also tried to take out different parts of the circuit to see if it would still work.  We found different types of things in our house that uses batteries and compared the sizes, shapes and voltage of different types of batteries. Their favorite was the giant car battery!

Treyton's works!

Tyler and Trace's works too!

Can you guess where the battery is?

Solar System fun

We bought a rediculously priced solar system kit from Hobbytown, but it was the best one for our purposes, plus it was solar powered :)

The finished product

We also made planet accordian books