Friday, April 8, 2011


We have been working on being obedient and nothing seemed to be working so we decide to hold a competition...nothing boys love more than a good competition!

How it works...
1. They decorated a piece of construction paper with their name and the word 'obedience' on it.
2. Hung it on the wall next to their chore cards.
3. When any adult catches them being good they put a sticker on their chart...we don't publicly praise them or brag that they got a sticker.  They seem to like to be surprised when they have new stickers anyways.  (I actually stopped the public praise b/c Treyton would go into hysterics when someone got praised and he didn't...public praise in this house is more of a pain than a help).
4.At the end of the month they count up all of their stickers and who ever has the most gets to be THE MAN for 24 hours.

What THE MAN does:
The man does no chores, gets to choose what he/she wants for meals (including ice cream) and if needs anything someone who is not the man has to get it for him. THE MAN gets to go wherever they want (within reason). He/she also gets to sleep wherever they choose for the night.  They get to wear the crown also.

This worked really well the first month and Trace got to be THE MAN for March!
The best part of being the man for him was kicking dad out of his bed to sleep in his spot and having ice cream for dinner!

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