Monday, April 4, 2011

Family camp with Camp Sunshine

We had so much fun at Camp Twin Lakes with Camp Sunshine over the weekend!  Treyton was so excited he could barely sit still, it was a good thing that our cabin was huge, he did a lot of pacing back and forth while we were waiting for the activites to start and our alarm clock never even got a chance to go off before he was shaking us telling us it was time to go fishing!  Tyler had a pretty good time, he was a little disapointed that he couldn't just stay in the arts and craft building the whole time, but once he got there he was much better!  Treyton can't wait until July...when he goes back by himself for a whole week!

 PS. Blogger was giving me a heck of a time uploading and arranging these pics so I appolize for the disorganization!

early morning fishing

They gave this playground a workout!

Their camp collage

Football with the big kids...this calmed down after...the incident...only of the big boys threw a ball and it hit a little girl in a wheelchair right in the face and they had to call the doctor over to check her out...I didn't stay to stare and see how it came out.  We stopped on the trial to say a prayer that she was okay.

I had to drag him out of here almost in tears after every session

Treyton chickened out on his climbing course and desided to give cooking a try, he inhaled his pizza and cookie before I could get a picture of it.  He also had a frosting fight with a girl and when asked about it his cheeks turn bright pink :)

The 4th trip One of the many trips to the craft building

They LOVED this paddle boat, we I had a lovely time paddling it ;)

Tyler was a pro at this, he even hit the target once!

Our awesome mailbox

Sun, sweat, and dirt...that's what little boys are REALLY made of.

Evening drum circle

One of the families planned a special Mexican dance and performed it for the whole camps, it was really neat! The little girl that got blocked in my photo (behind the mom) had cancer and is in remission!

And what's camping with out smores?

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  1. Yay Camp Sunshine! I'm bummed we couldn't make it this time. We're planning to go in the fall though. So glad you guys had fun.