Monday, April 11, 2011

Chess/Checkers club turned park day

I totally forgot my camera...bad blogger.

We ended school a little early to drop by our very first checkers club meeting.  Trace LOVES checkers, his whole day is in shambles if he doesn't get a game in before bed.  When we joined our new homeschool group I was ecstatic when I saw they had this club!

We got there and waited...and waited...and checked the other pavilions around the park...nothing...went back to where the email said "see you there" and waited some more...

We gave up after almost an hour and went home.

But not after playing of course! 

It is a huge park with lots of kids so I was trying to keep an eye on everyone, but especially Mylee.  I was scanning the playground for her when I heard some loud cheering and clapping.  I look over and I see a group of kids huddled around the swing set screaming Tyler's name and "look at that little kid go!"  He was having a 'how high can we get this swing to swing' competition with a kid almost twice his age....He was almost twice as high as him too!  It was a proud mommy moment. Well, until he got off and said "man, my butt hurts! Feels like I just got a whoopin'!"  

Tyler was the comedian today too, he was telling the older kids about his brother too... "My brother's name is Treyton, he is the kid wearing blue shorts and a black shirt...Oh! he has peach skin too"  Then he was introducing himself to them and said "my mom says I have freakishly huge muscles for a kid my age"  HAHA! Well, he does!

Mylee was unusually brave today too, she doesn't normally brave the slides or the wobbly bridge but today she repeatedly climbed the rope ladder, crossed the wobbly bridge and flew down the tallest slide on the big kid side of the playground.  Another proud Mommy moment of course!

Doesn't seem like a real post with out a picture :/

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