Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's been a while!

It has been way too long since I have update (Ya'll have missed a lot! Sorry!) I am going to try to give a quick update of each kid and then resume with our homeschool blog :)

We are still homeschooling, coming up on our 5th year! 
I have gotten divorced, don't be sorry, we are all much happier!
I also added another baby to the family, she was a huge surprise!
I do the best I can as a single mother, we are all happy and healthy, that's what is important :)

-age 10
-just finishing up 5th grade
-loves to read, video games, and annoying his brothers
-plays football
-favorite subject is science
-has horrible handwriting
-very protective of his siblings

-age 9
-just finishing up 4th grade
-plays basketball
-loves writing stories
-favorite subject Spanish
-struggles with spelling

-age 9
-just finishing up 2nd grade
-played football and basketball
-very athletic, is good at all sports he tries
-loves playing catch and riding bikes
-just starting to read with some fluency
-favorite subject is math
-very close with his baby sister and helps with her as much as he can

-age 5
-finishing up pre K
-knows all letters and sounds
-can read most color words
-spells first and last name
-can add and subtract single digit numbers
-counts to 25, but always skips 16
-DIVA status, thinks she runs the house
-very picky eater, no veggies, eggs or meat except sausage and chicken
-plays football-yup!
-loves animals

-5 months old
-sits with support
-squeals, coos, and gurgles
-doesn't laugh
-loves her jumper
-wants to be held ALL. THE. TIME.
-loves her siblings
-will only sleep in her crib
-likes to snuggle
-stands with support
-prefers her Mommy over anyone :)
-has never been away from Mommy
-only drinks breast milk
-has only tried rice cereal a few times and doesn't seem to like solids yet (that's fine with me!)
-sucks her thumb
-usually wakes up once in the night, has slept through the night once (13hrs!)
-loves to be outside

That's my quick update, I will upload some pictures soon!

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