Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April update

-"Mom, if you do your job half-assed you will get fired right?" I replied "buddy, half-assed is a bad word and I dont want you to say it again, but yes you probably would get fired"..."but mom, I said half-ASKED!"
-great speller
-loves history
-loves reading, about a 4th grade level
-math is at grade level
-struggles with grammer and writing stories
-very good on the computer and internet

-is reading at 1st grade level (as opposed to barely reading when we started homeschooling at the beginning of the year)
-is a wiz at math, I only have to teach him something once and he gets it right away, he knows all of his addition and subtraction facts to 18, multiplication facts, 0, 1, 2, and 5
-writes really funny stories but still doesnt spell well (if you can recommend a good 2nd grade phonics only program I would love to hear it!)
-catches on to grammar rules quickly and uses them correctly 90% of the time
-still very creative with his art
-likes to talk in accents
-loves to sing

-"I'm not sleeping, I'm just dreaming"
-"just because I am mean to you, doesnt mean you can be mean to me, God says turn the other cheek!"
-does 1st grade math easily
-can do anything on the computer and internet, we sometimes wonder if he is hacking into the NASA data base
-is reading farely well, reads short words and can sound out most longer words.
-reads about 150 sight words, but has trouble with fluency with them in sentences. Includes colors, numbers from 1-10, and conjunctions, things like 'this' 'that' 'which' 'when' 'what' etc.
-One day he came up to me and said "Hey mom! you wanna see my pecker?"  mortified and hoping he actually said 'cracker' or something else that sounded like 'pecker' I said "what?" he replied "you wanna see my pecker"  shocked, I knew I heard what I had heard.  I turn around to hopefully not see what he wanted to show me.  He had made a paper airplane and colored it to look like a woodpecker, a darn good one too!  He was showing me how it was 'so cool' that the tip of airplane made such a great 'pecker' lol.  I informed him that its actually called a 'beak.'

-knows pink, purple, orange, brown, black, white, yellow, green and red
-counts to 4 with no prompting
-colors mostly in the lines but doesn't fill them completely in
-knows circle and triangle
-we call her a diva and she gets really upset and says "Im NOT a ZEBRA!"
-There was a guy working on the satelite on the roof behind our house. Mylee hollers out the screen door "Hey guy, What are you doing?! Don't fall!"
-likes to use my phone to "call her mom"

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