Sunday, May 15, 2011


My aunt works at a hotel and they were emptying the pool to wash it and refill it.  When it was empty she found some frogs in the bottom in the murky water.  I threw together a quick frog lesson.  The boys made frog information books about what they knew about frogs, what they wanted to know and then my aunt came to pick them up to collect their frog.  Of course they talked her into taking them swimming afterwards at her apartment pool.  While they were swimming the poor frog got left in the sun and died but I guess they didn't realize it because they brought it home still.  I didn't look at it either until the next morning and it was hard as a rock. We dumped him out and tried to finish our booklets.  The last question was "What I learned about frogs was..."  Well, they die if they are left in the sun.

Trace loved his toes, he said they looked like E.T. fingers on his feet haha!

Mylee did some frog homework too, she woke up from her nap a little earlier than expected and had to pick a frog picture off the internet to color.  I wish I never showed her that I can print pictures of anything she wants on a whim.  She has a lot of whims.

Her latest was a girl frog...
I think her frog is poisonous, it is awfully colorful :)

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