Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random fun

hammer head plane
Tyler is going over some house rules...they forgot them that day.
marine/safari dress up

gay cowboy at a baseball game and a snow chef dress up

showing friends our pet

oops, forgot the rules this day too ;)

sand fun

movies and popcorn...

for Mylee's first sleep over

NOT a sleep over, he was supposed to be doing his school work

even princess' get boogers

monkeying around

Mylee and friends helping put groceries away

when life hands you lemons...make lemonade, or you can just make lemonade!

The next Joker?  Why ssssoo ssserioussssss?

pool time

look who swims with no floaties!  (Trace)

I need to take him to the doctor for this weird growth...

building forts

building beds...and actually falling asleep there

milk shakes and funny faces

walks and cute faces

sibling rivalry, Trace is always instigating something!


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