Friday, May 13, 2011

It's the little things

My aunt and I took the kids to the farmers market that happens to get set up in the community center parking lot where we occasionally go to story time.  Mylee wanted me to carry her and was about to break my hip when my friend drove by on her way to story time so she took Mylee in with her.  It was a huge blessing.  There is a guy that sells fresh honey and brings his bees with him in a clear box.  The boys love it and he tells them all about how the bees make the honey and protect the queen and the eggs and kill off any bees that cause trouble in the hive.  Its a great field trip!

There were lots of yummy vendors there and a lady even gave the kids free snow cones.  My aunt bought them each a cake lollipop.

I get Mylee back from my friend after story time and she was going to the local beach and invited us along.  Of course!

On our way there I see a speed trap up ahead.  I was following the flow of traffic.  Of course they would wave everyone by and point at me, lovely.  I get a ticket along with about 4 or 5 more cars they flagged down.  Great.  How am I supposed to have fun at the beach when I just got a ticket?

This little big guy is how...

He was just hanging out in the middle the road.  We pull over to help him.  I'm to scared to touch him (and I wonder why my boys are scary cats haha) so I have Tyler get out to move him.  He couldn't lift him easily and I didn't want him to drop him so I gave him a little nudge and crawls under my car.  i pull forward and give him a couple for nudged and he crawls off in the grass.  He was SOOO cute, I wish I wasn't such a scared cat!  The boys thought he awesome and I forgot all about my ticket.

We had a great time at the beach! That's Tyler bobbing his head in the back.

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