Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden Update

Our garden didn't grow as well as expected but its getting there, well some of it is anyways.  We grew ONE radish out of the entire row.  It was a big delicious one though.  I checked on it one day and it was still kind of small.  I figured a few more days and it would be perfect, I went out a few days later and it had grown out of control! 

Treyton and Trace pulled it out together but neither one would touch the leaves.  I am pretty sure they were supposed to be girls.

These 2 rows of beans were planted right into the ground, the "row" to the left of them was transplanted from sprouts we grew in the house.  Im skipping that step next year.

Our cherry tomatoes are growing slowly.

Peppers are just getting started.

I dont think our watermelon will make it, they have completely stopped growing.
Toothless number 1 is pretty proud of his radish.

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