Friday, May 13, 2011

GHEA conference

My friend Sharon and I had the pleasure of attending the entire GHEA homeschool conference this year.  I went last year to shop only, this year they wanted to charge $20 to shop only and the full conference was only $45.  I am glad I was able to go to the the seminars this year.  The speakers were great and I learned a few tricks to help Tyler with his spelling.  Ken Ham spoke and of course he was great, super intense.  Voddie Baucham was AMAZING and spoke on how to keep your marriage strong through the homeschooling season of life and the important for dads to be involed in the schooling.  I YouTubed Voddie and ended up watching his speaches/sermons for way more time that I wanted to be on the computer haha!

I bought a few things that I needed to finish up our curriculum for next year also.
The activities books for Tyler and Trace's phonics prgrams (I found the teacher manual for both programs and the LLATL readers at our homeschool support group used book sale).
Double sided dry erase maps.  We use our large map on the wall so much to write on and these were only $1!  I got one for each boy. 
A praying mantis habitat, the kids think this is the neated thing since grilled cheese and beg me to order the eggs every day even though I tell them we can't get them in the mail until the weather is cooler.  We have been trying to catch some caterpillars to put in it over the summer but I think it is too late to find them.

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